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Contacting a photographer can be a challenge for many reasons. Two of the main reasons are

  • People are intimidated by the price especially with high quality fashion photography.

  • Paying the high price associated with photography but the photographer not being qualified or have very little skills to complete the job effectively. 

How can my free FASHION BRAND CONSULTATION SESSION help you expand your brand audience.

First let me introduce myself my name is Kerry James. I have over 18 plus years of working with fashion brands and also having owned two clothing stores of my own. I understand the view point from the retailer side as well as the fashion photographer vantage point. My phone consultations are 30 minute sessions and designed for small to medium fashion brands that are ready to go to the next level with their photography branding. The consultation sessions are included as part of my paid projects. But for a limited time I will be offering FREE PHONE CONSULTATIONS to new clients. Even if you don't need photography services at this moment the consultation will still be FREE.  

What's Included with the FREE CONSULTATION SESSION

Strategies and ideas, along with new ways to deploy fresh photo and video content to increase your companies reach and audience. With today's fast moving social media and other fast content consumption platforms, having leading edge image content is no longer an option it is a requirement. The goal of offering these Consultations for free is to pull the vail back on high-end fashion photography, and allow you to see how these services can work for you. There are no pressure selling or scripts to read just an experience retailer and photographer offering you the VALUE of MY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AT NO COST.    

This offer is for a limited time. I have carved out a few hours of my day to speak with each on of you. Feel free to leave me your number or email and let me know if you prefer text, email or a phone call. To secure your time or the best time for you please click the LEARN MORE button below to book your slot. 

Kerry James Photography 424-243-5702

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